Jaw-end kits

Heatseal bands expand when they are heated. Therefore, a means must be provided to take up the slack or the heatseal band will buckle and break prematurely. The heatseal band is also an electrical conductor so the band must be electrically insulated from the bar.
The bar must, therefore, be fitted with end connector blocks that can provide tension on the band and remain electrically insulated. Jørgen Bork Electronic ApS can provide Jaw End Kits that can be conveniently mounted on the ends of the jaw bars to serve this function. Jørgen Bork Electronic ApS Jaw End Kits are designed to fit on to the ends of 10x60 mm., or larger bars. This is usually a convenient size and it provides a reasonable amount of heat sink capacity for most applications.

We also provide a notrotary Jaw end Kits with 2 mandrels and 2 springs separated 15 mm. F= 6 Kg

How to choose the right sealband for your use

It is very important that the ends of the sealband are copperd or silbert so that the Resistron controller
only hat to control the temperature over the activ lenght La,. that is unter. the same load at the same time
by the film to be sealed.
If not so, the ends will be overheated and draw down the activ lengh- temperature under the set-temperature
with bad regulation as a result.

How to order a sealband

(W x T) x Lt / (Lt - La)  devided by 2       Exampel:  4 x 0,25 x 250 / 50 mm. resulted in La = 150 mm. 

Recumended that Lc - La = min. 20 mm. The band stretch itself 7 mm. / m. by 300 degree

The stretch in exampel is 1,05 mm. by 300 degree and 0,527 mm. by 150 degree.

The stretch is a linier function of the temperature.


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