How the RESISTRON works

The RESISTRON controller constantly monitors the actual temperature of the heatseal element by measuring the change in resistance of the heatseal element as the temperature changes. Voltage and current are measured 50 times/second (50 Hz) og 60 times/second (60 Hz). The determined temperature is displayed and compared with the pre-set temperature.


The primary voltage of the power transformer is then automatically adjusted by "phase control" to achieve the desired temperature level. The resulting change in current through the heatseal elements activates a change in temperature and resistance of the heatseal element.


This "closed loop" system constantly monitors and instantly corrects the temperature so that the actual temperature always equals the pre-set temperature. The smallest thermal change in the heatseal element is immidiately recognized and instantly corrected with recision.





The heat is produced exaactly when and where it is needed
Instantaneous response to thermal changes


Temperature measurement is accoplished directly by instantaneous electrical quantity (voltage and current) with a high sampling rate

Virtually lag-free data measurement


The small mass of the heatseal element allows for:

  • Rapid heating 
  • Rapid cooling

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