Alloy 20 Burn-In Process

1)   After mounting the heat seal band in your machinery, turn on the system and perform an AUTOCAL.

2)   At the completion of AUTOCAL the Actual Temperature should represent the ambient temperature.

3)   To Burn-In the band, set the Sealing Temperature to 40°-50°C higher than your target sealing temperature.

4)   Without closing the jaw bars, initiate the heat for 20 seconds.

5)   After cooling, the controller will display an Actual Temperature value less than ambient.

6)   Repeat the AUTOCAL function and Burn-In procedure.

7)   The band is properly Burned-In when the controller displays an actual temperature equal to ambient temperature after the band         
       cools down.

8)    Burn-In is now complete.

NOTE:   Do not exceed a Burn-In temperature of 275°C without the proper Jaw Bar build up required for high temperatures.

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