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Project Picture
Welding setup for smaller plasticvials and PC diagnostics connected.
Table Sealer 'L335 Electro'
RESISTRON RES-440 Table Sealing machine. Interface output for PC software (CI-USB-1).
Project Picture
Welding tool for smaller plasticvials.
Project Picture
RESISTRON setup mounted with PC diagnostics.
Soltech Welder
RESISTRON fitted sealing machine, built in cooperation with Soltech ApS.
Project Picture
RESISTRON setup mounted with pneumatic pressurized welding tool.
Project Picture
4 x RESISTRON rack setup with integrated diagnostics monitor.
Project Picture
Welding system with RESISTRON RES-440.
Project Picture
Standard welding tool with temperature controlled RESISTRON unit.
Project Picture
RESISTRON units, datalogging of heatup/cooldown times/airpressure and PC diagnostics.
Project Picture
Handhold Sealer
Handhold Sealer Prototype, with temperature controller RES-440 and air pressure jaws.

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