The UPT-640 temperature controller is a key component in an ULTRA-PULSE system,
because it is responsible for all heat management functions i.e. controlling the temperature
of the heating element and ensuring that this highly dynamic impulse heatsealing method is
accurately timed.

Important features: 
Micropressor technology 
LC-Display (green), 4 lines, 20 characters (multilingual)) 
VF-Display (blue), 4 lines, 20 characters (multilingual) 

Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL) 

Automatic configuration of the secondary voltage and current ranges (AUTORANGE)
Booster connection as standard
Heatsealing band alloy and temperature range selectable
Time control, heatsealing time and cooling time settable
Externally or internally generated release impulse with programmable parameters
Configurable relay output, e.g. "end of cycle"
Time or temperature-controlled cooling phase
Signal output for "Temperature OK"
0...10VDC analog input for set point selection, electrically isolated
0...10VDC analog output for AUTOCAL temperature, electrically isolated
24VDC control inputs for START, AUTOCAL, RELEASE and RESET, electrically isolated
Alarm function with fault diagnosis
Cooling system monitored

Order code:
  • Art. Nr. 664012 - UPT-640-L-230VAC (green display)
  • Art. Nr. 664013 - UPT-640-L-400VAC (green display)  
  • Art. Nr. 664022 - UPT-640-V-230VAC (blue display)
  • Art. Nr. 664023 - UPT-640-V-400VAC(blue display)
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