Temperature Controllers for 

Heatsealing bands

RESISTRON temperature controllers are used to control the temperature of heating elements (heatsealing bands, beaded bands, cutting wires, heatsealing knives, solder straps etc.), as required in a variety of heatsealing processes, precisely and without sensors.

The wide spectrum of device variants enables an optimum solution to be found for any heatsealing application:

All models with selectable line frequency 50 or 60Hz 
Available voltage 115 VAC 230VAC, 400VAC 
Available temperature range 300ºC, 500ºC

Front panel mounted: RES415 - RES470
Standard applications, For low-cost applications secondary control and programmable functions
Mounted on a top hat rail: RES401 - RES409
Standard applications, PROFIBUS/CAN bus interface and With separate operator terminal

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