As all other RES controllers, this unit is used to control the temperature of heating elements (heatseal bands, beaded bands, cutting wires, etc.) by measuring the resistivity of the heating element.
Precision measurement together with high response produces perfect temperature control during the heatsealing process 
Important features:
  Microprocessor technology
Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL)

Automatic optimization (AUTOTUNE)
Automatic frequency adjustment
Large current and voltage range
Set point selection with potentiometer
Temperature range: 300°C
0...10VDC analog output for ACTUAL temperature
Activated with contact or 24VDC signal
  Alarm function
Order code: 
  • Art. Nr. 740102 - RES-401-230VAC 
  • Art. Nr. 740103 - RES-401-400VAC

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