Cirus - Cermet Integrated Resistive Ultrafast Sensorless heaters​

Heatsealing tools are the outcome of an ongoing development pro-cess at ROPEX GmbH lasting many years. Extensive experience embracing more than 25 years as a leading supplier of systems to control the temperature of heatsealing bands laid the foundation for this new technology.

(Patent Nos. 197 37 471 and 198 15 763)

CIRUS heatsealing tools

Have succeeded in overcoming the familiar drawbacks of conventional film sealing tools, namely in particular:

  • The long temperature rise and cooling times

  • The complex mechanical designs that are necessary:
    a) To compensate thermal expansion
    b) To ensure reliable current transfers
    c) To avoid local overheating (coppering)

  • The need to use anti-stick coverings (teflon)

  • The restriction to specific formats

  • The short service life

  • The high costs of maintenance etc.

  • etc

CIRUS heating elements

  • Are extremely dynamic

  • Have no moving parts

  • Dispense with anti-stick coverings

  • Are format-neutral

  • Require no maintenance

  • Are durable

​In combination with specially tailored control loop components, such as a temperature controller (UPT/LPT-640), impulse-transformers (ITR-x), silicone profiles, a cooler etc., they provide ROPEX GmbH customers with an optimized overall system that guarantees reliable operation, thus saving both time and money.

CIRUS - UltraPulse technolog

This technology generates heat impulses in the region of a few hundred milliseconds.

In addition to the UPT heatsealing tool, the system essentially consists of a UPT controller and a water cooler for the tool. The tool always operates in impulse mode. It is characterized by extremely short slope times for heating and cooling - typically around 6000° K/sec. for heating and 3000° K/sec. at the start of the cooling phase (e-function).

A special UPT controller ensures precise and highly dynamic temperature control. It is supported by the low mass of the heating layer (only a few µm thick), which simultaneously acts as the sensor layer for measuring the temperature.

The working surface for the sealing process is restricted to the area above the heating layer(-> "Structure").​

Design variants of ULTRA-PULSE heatsealing tools

Cirus - offers a standard range of linear ULTRA-PULSE heatsealing tools in various lenghts from 100 mm to 500 mm in 50 mm. steps.

From 500 mm. to a maximum of 1000 mm. in 100 mm. steps

Heatings line widths of 2,8 mm., 4,8 mm., 6,0 mm. are availeable as standard from stock.

The components are ready to install and connect , and are supplied with electrical and cooling water connections as well as tapped holes for mechanical assembly.

Customized solutions can be developed and manufactured alongside the standard tools. The maximum tool size is currently 140 mm x 500 mm. Two-dimensional heatsealing band geometries are possible on this surface with extensive design freedom. Low-cost multiple production is recommended for small heating elements.​

Cirus - Design variants of opposing silicone bars

In contrast with conventional heatsealing band technology, where the sealing process is determined by the mechanical profile of the band (tapered band, beaded band, T-profile band, 

round wire), ULTRA-PULSE technology makes use of the crosssectional geometry of the silicone profile on the opposite side.


Flat or trim seals with differently profiled tail zones can be created by combining different edge geometries of the silicone profile with different elastomer hardnesses, facilitating optimum adaptation both to the task at hand and to the specific properties of the film.

In order to ensure that these processes are absolutely reliable, Cirus offers precision silicone profiles in a variety of hardnesses with exact, constant cross-sectional geome-tries and the required high temperature resi-stance. Machined aluminum bars with tap-ped holes in the corresponding standard sealing lengths are available for mounting the silicone profiles.​

​Flat seal

Trim seal with wide sealing zone​

​Trim seal with narrow sealing zone

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